Ocean Marine Solution Limited (OMSL) has been cleared by the Senate of illegal security activities at the Secure Anchorage Area (SAA) of the Lagos Ports. It also commended the firm for its genuine national interest in investing over $400 million into the security at the SAA in particular and the Nigerian waterways in general

It resolution to that effect was passed on in December 18, 2019 consequent upon the consideration of the report on the investigation into the allegation by the Joint Committee on Navy, Marine Transport and Finance.. The upper chamber of the noted that the firm had provided the needed platforms and logistics for the Nigerian Navy to effectively perform 24/7/365 patrol operations as well as to provide the required protection for vessels waiting to berth at the Lagos Ports.”

It said: “No fraud is found in the operations of the OMSL and is operating at no cost to Government, OMSL should be allowed to continue its operations at the SAA until such a time when a better and more cost-effective system is put in place by the Government.” Regardless of the resolution made by the 41 Joint Senate committee, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, had said that the SAA contract being operated by Ocean Marine Security Limited (OMSL) with the Nigerian Navy in Lagos was laced with fraud. Amaechi noted that the Chairman of OMSL, Hosa Okunbo, did not have the approval of the Federal Government to operate the so-called secure anchorage area. According to him, “What security was he providing? He charges each vessel on the waters $2,500, then after that $1,500 everyday. He doesn’t pay back that money to the Federal Government. “He makes $17million from that activity. Who approved it? Nobody! So as Minister for Transport, I said no, we can provide that security. $195 million was approved by the Federal Government to a company that is training Nigerians that will take over the waterways, and take care of the security, then Okunbo is now saying no no, I must do it, he can’t.”

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